QUESTION : When and why did you start singing ?

Moklin:  I been singing since I was a 7 but recorded my first single in 2012 when I was writing my WAEC for the second time. I don’t really have a reason for doing it I just found myself singing and re-writing People’s songs untill I finally got the opportunity to actually record my own lyrics.

Where did you grow up?

Moklin: I grew up in different places bro, first I was born in Benue state and then Mom moved to Kaduna, from Kaduna I went to Abuja to Onitsha in the Eastern part of the country and then down to Lagos where I currently reside now.

What is your musical background?

Moklin: Growing up I understood that my late Mom loved music, she loved singing around the house whenever she was around but never really took it seroious untill I came through and took it seroious, and I’m the only one in the family to take it seroious though lol

Musically, what are your biggest influences and who are your favorite musicians?

Moklin: I actually listen to music widely but people don’t really know that but my favorite Artists are mostly from the new school, i look up to artists like Wizkid, Burna Boy, Lil Uzi Vert, Lil Yatchy, Xxx Tentacion, YBN Nhamir, Fetty Wap, Ty Dolla Sign, Post Malone and alot more that’s why I said “widely”


What do you think of the hip hop scene in Nigeria

Moklin: The Nigerian Hip Hop is still lacking behind I swear on my Momma, MI Abaga spoke the truth about rappers fixing up they lives, I’m not in the position to judge but these guys are still dancing Shaku Shaku nobody’s doing the Hip Hop that will actually put us back on the map

How would you describe your own style?

Moklin: My style you can call it whatever you want I call it Pop – Trap cos I sing my rap verses on my Trap beats so it’s kinda like a Pop/Trap thing, you wouldn’t understand untill you listen to my music really


In what ways has your newest music changed from when you first started?

Moklin: My music has evolved through the years cos I was still trying to find and understand myself so I was going from Afro beats to dancehall to RnB and all that other boring stuff but thank God I found myself so now people understand and Relate to everything I say in my songs cos most of the people out there are hurt and broken and so They only need to listen to just a song by Mo’Klin and they go Haywire so Yeah my music has changed for the best


What are the main inspirations for the lyrics you write?

Moklin: I get inspired by whatever situation I’m going through at whatever moment in my life and I’ve Been thru alot so that’s why my lyrics express pains from heartbreak, depression, low self esteem and rejection

We noticed you’ve recently switched over to trap , why?

Moklin: Trap music gives me room to speak my mind and say what and how exactly I’m Feeling without Feeling like I’m boring my listeners, I’m a very outspoken person so I need a genre I can communicate in, that’s why I went the Trap way… Yeah Dat way lol

What do you have for your fans??

Moklin: I have a lot of music for my fans and also I’ll be dropping a couple of Videos too so it’s bout to get much more interesting right now.

You publicly confirmed that you smokes, is this your source of inspiration?

Weed is not my source of inspiration, God and my environment are my inspiration. To anybody reading this right now, stay away from drugs.

Don’t you think you promotes drugs and smoking? 

Moklin: I do not promote drugs neither do my music. I talk about my life story and the wrong things I do only to guide the youth just so They stay away from the drugs and get themselves a hustle to Change they lives. I’m an Artist doing my best to better my society

Your songs do contains many strong and violence words,  why??

Moklin: My music contain vulgar lyrics cos none of y’all out there is actually holy and I make sure to say what I want in any way no matter what it cost me So if I say the “N” word then you don’t need to judge me if you ain’t racist and trying to discriminate… My fans never complain and they show me massive love and support and if I get signed then I’ll adjust to the label’s terms and whatever but for now I’m my own CEO so what do you expect?

What is the reason behind all the tattoos on your body?

Moklin: I got multiple tattoos on my chest and my left arm they mean alot to me. First off I’m a big fan of anything Art and so when I started the STREET GOSPEL MUSIC (SGM GANG ) movement I had a tattooist friend who put the “STREET GOSPEL” Across my chest and also the “Jah Knowz” on my arm so lately it was my Mom’s death anniversery so I got “Rest Well Rose, I Miss You” just a little above the first one. I also got a heartbreak emoji 💔 with the words “Broken Inside” on the right side of my chest then I got the “Listen To God” ink tatted Across my stomach. I don’t regret any of this, if you like me you like me if you don’t, well life goes on still.

Is there anything you’ll like to make clear to your fans?

Moklin: I don’t really call them my fans, they my family cos the love is crazy and I love them back and Yeah i got a Mixtape for them, it’s dropping towards the end of the year.

Which other traps singer do you know in Nigeria??

Moklin: I don’t really know any other Trapper in the industry doing what I’m doing right now or Maybe I just ain’t heard of them yet

Do you think Trap music is gonna stay forever?

Moklin: Yes my music (Trap pop) is the future of this music industry bro I’m here to stay for long long long time. Watch Out for more material coming straight out the Trap house from the trapstar, me. Thank you


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